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Will consumers pay more for eco-friendly products?

April 12, 2021

Will consumers pay more for eco-friendly products?

‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’, they’re both buzzwords of the moment and it’s not hard to see why. More and more people are concerned with climate change and the effect this is having, not just here in New Zealand, but around the world. In fact, 87% of New Zealanders surveyed in this study see sustainability as a big concern.

While it can be hard to be climate-conscious in all aspects of our lives, one thing that can be done to improve our environmental footprint is to choose more sustainable products. These are items that can be easily reused, recycled or composted – all-in-all better for our environment. But just how many people value sustainability and are willing to pay more for products that are eco-friendly and the packaging it comes in?

In this article, we delve into New Zealander's pre-existing spending habits, and whether or not consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

New Zealanders’ spending habits

New Zealanders' spending habits include online shopping

Anything from a supermarket shop to a clothing purchase can now be done easily online and all from the comfort of your chosen digital device, and in any location. New Zealanders live busy lives with many of us on the move every day, busy in our 9-5 jobs. Being able to shop when and where we please and often through a device like a mobile phone has meant more and more of us are buying more often – adding to cart and buying now can be done in an instant. This willingness to shop and purchase whatever we please has led to more people making new purchases frequently.

A New Zealand Post study found that 31% of online shoppers admitted to shopping at least weekly. While people have increased the amount that they shop and are now frequently shopping online, price and product range are still big concerns. Since the rise of COVID-19, the theme has been to shop and support local, however, this can be challenging with many New Zealand businesses still competing with the price and range perception of big overseas retailers or not being set up for e-commerce. International websites are still seen as an attractive option with over 76% of shoppers citing that the goods are cheaper and 73% also believe the product range is better. However, many consumers are prepared to ditch the overseas retailers and make sacrifices on price for fast delivery, easy returns, and the ability to support our local businesses.

But just what are Kiwi’s attitudes to the types of products they’re purchasing? And, are they willing to spend even more for a product that’s sustainable?

Why would consumers spend more on eco-friendly products?

There are many benefits to purchasing products that are better for the environment. Not only are they eco-friendly or sustainable products lowering our environmental footprint, but they’re also often filled with fewer chemicals and unknown substances that can have us confused when reading the back of packaging labels. But just what is an eco-friendly product and are they really worth investing in?

Products that are labelled as eco-friendly are those that won’t cause any harm to our environment. They’re made from renewable resources that won’t negatively impact the planet; in turn these products and the materials that they’re packaged in can be reused, recycled or composted making them completely sustainable. Therefore, reducing our reliance on landfills and lowering the harmful gas emissions that they produce.

These reasons are enough for many to make the switch from products that they may have been purchasing for many years, to products that can cost more to buy but will have less of an impact on the planet (like the KEVIN.MURPHY hair care range). Consumers will feel better about their purchases knowing that they’re helping towards a bigger cause.

The data supports this too. A Nielsen Insights report found that 73% of consumers would alter their consumption habits in order to reduce their impact on the environment. What’s more, almost half would switch to environmentally friendly products to achieve this goal.

Kevin Murphy eco-friendly hair products
While more expensive, the KEVIN.MURPHY hair care range utilises packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. They also use natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources.

Is it worth switching to eco-friendly supplies?

Local research backs up that many consumers are willing to switch to more sustainable supplies, should they be given the option to. Research from this study shows that at least 47% of New Zealanders care about sustainability when choosing a brand or product to purchase. The study also showed that the perceived sustainability of a brand or product will influence purchasing decisions for at least 34% of New Zealanders.

While more sustainable and eco-friendly products can, at times, cost more to invest in, often due to the manufacturing process and certificates required for these products, switching to greener products is bound to pay off in the long run. While we can’t guarantee that all consumers are environmentally conscious and ready to make the switch right now, there are many consumers that are already using eco-friendly products and seeing the benefits first hand!

And even if the product itself cannot be sustainably sourced that doesn’t mean the packaging it arrives in needs to be a missed opportunity for reaching sustainability goals.

Here at Primepac, we know how important it is to play our part in creating a more circular, sustainable economy. This is why we now stock a number of sustainable workplace and packaging supplies that can be ordered right here, on our website. The sustainable products that we source all come with sustainable certifications so you know that the products you’re purchasing have been produced, with our planet in mind.

While it can take some time to make the shift to more sustainable supplies in your business, we hope that this article has given you some good insight into why it’s beneficial to stock eco-friendly products. With the right sustainable supplies on hand, you’ll be able to do your bit for climate change, while also keeping your environmentally conscious customers coming back.

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