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Primepac Blog

Sustainable e-commerce packaging explained

In the fast-paced e-commerce market, it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate your brand from competitors. Without the tangible experience of shopping in-store, customers can only interact with select aspects of your website and products. To ensure your customers see the value in your products and want to keep investing time and time again, you need to think carefully about your product...

Sustainable packaging alternatives for your business's shipping needs

Are you reassessing your company’s packaging products and shipping needs? As more and more companies look for sustainable packaging alternatives, it may be wise to optimise your shipping processes too.  In this article, we highlight alternative shipping options that will help to reduce your environmental impact. 

Packaging ideas for small businesses

Are you a small to medium-sized product-based company? Product packaging is a major element of your business so it pays to know the range of options available to you. In this article, we focus on packaging ideas and recommendations to ensure your products are delivered to your customers in the best possible condition. We also include packaging options for improving sustainability and optimising...

Types of warehouse packaging

If you operate a warehouse, you need a combination of various types of packaging. While consumer-facing packaging is vital, you also need to consider the logistical packaging elements as well. In this article, we explain the main types of packaging, including those used in a warehouse environment. If you are looking for ways to improve your warehouse operations, find our expert advice and product...

7 ways to reduce damaged inventory in your warehouse

We often hear of customers experiencing costly stock issues caused by disorganisation, overloading, and lack of supplies. This has a huge impact on your profits, with high numbers of customer returns and restocking costs.In this article, we outline how to reduce the impact damaged inventory has on your business, sharing 7 tips to keep your stock safe. From packaging your items correctly to...

The cost of downtime in e-commerce

As e-commerce evolves, customer expectations continue to rise. To maintain customer satisfaction, you need to meet these demands efficiently. To ensure your business maintains a well-oiled machine while juggling high volumes of orders, returns processes and ultimately keeping the end customer happy. If your warehouse is prone to downtime, lengthy return processes, or unnecessary double handling,...

Gummed paper tape vs paper tape

Tape plays a vital role in sealing packaging for shipping and storage. With heightened awareness about the impact of plastics, many businesses are investigating paper tape alternatives that are more sustainable, and possibly more cost-effective.Sustainability in business has historically been a balancing act. Companies want to reduce their environmental impact and appease more...

Types of packaging tape in NZ

There are endless options available when it comes to packaging tape, which can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our team have outlined everything you need to consider to make your decision easier.In this article, we outline the various types of packaging tape, their ideal applications, and their advantages. From sustainability to adhesion to tear ability – read it all below.

Pallet wrap FAQs

Pallet wrap is a thin plastic film used to wrap and secure items on a pallet for shipping and storage. Compared to shrink wrap, pallet wrap is flexible and designed to tightly secure items together, preventing shifting during transportation. The question is how can you know which pallet wrap is right for your application?Businesses of all shapes and sizes often ask about our range of wraps and...

Where to buy storage boxes NZ

Whether you need storage solutions for the office, moving, organising your home, or storing your belongings, there are a range of plastic and cardboard options available. In this blog, we explore the most suitable places you can buy storage boxes in New Zealand, including the advantages of each. 

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