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Primepac Catalogues & Guides

From sustainable guides to our full product catalogue, we've got you covered with our range of printed material. Browse our products in the catalogues and guides below and download your free copies now!

August 2021 buyers guide cover
August 2021 buyers guide

August 2021 Buyers Guide

Browse our entire product range complete with up-to-date pricing! Inside you'll find information on brand new product releases.

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Sustainable products catalogue
Sustainable products open catalogue

Sustainable Supplies

From recyclable packaging supplies to eco-friendly office products, we have your sustainability supplies covered.

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Meat, fish and food catalogue
Meat, fish and food open catalogue

Food Packaging Supplies

Our meat, fish and food catalogue contains all of the food packaging supplies that you may need, from disposable gloves to cling film.

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Personal protective equipment catalogue
Personal protective equipment open catalogue

Personal Protective Equipment

Maintaining a hygienic workplace is easy with our extensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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COVID Essentials Closed Catalogue
COVID Essentials Open Catalogue

COVID-19 Essentials

From soaps and hand sanitisers to face masks and gloves, we've got all the COVID-19 essential products you need.

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E-Commerce Closed Catalogue
E-Commerce Open Catalogue

Retail & E-Commerce Supplies

Make sure you have everything that you need for your retail store, or online shop. Browse our range and stock up on important retail supplies.

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Cafeteria and cleaning catalogue
Cafeteria and cleaning open catalogue

Cafeteria & Cleaning Supplies

From bulk cleaning products to tea and coffee, you'll find essential cleaning and cafeteria supplies in this catalogue.

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Growers industry catalogue
Growers industry open catalogue

Growers Industry Supplies

There are many packaging and industrial supplies that will make harvest time easier. From pallet wraps to protective gear, we've got it covered.

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Stationery and office supplies catalogue
Stationery and office supplies open catalogue

Stationery & Office Supplies

From pens and markers to copy paper and notepads, you'll find everything that you need for the office, all in the one place.

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MPI approved cleaning products catalogue
MPI approved cleaning products open catalogue

MPI approved products

It's essential to meet hygiene requirements in workplace environments like meat processing. View our MPI approved cleaning products.

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Timber and forestry catalogue
Timber and forestry open catalogue

Timber & Forestry Supplies

Our timber and forestry supplies catalogue contains the industrial supplies that you may need for forestry, and the outdoors.

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Glovebox guide catalogue
Glovebox guide open catalogue

Glove Box Guide

This glovebox guide is handy to have and contains a wide range of site supplies for the civil and construction industry.

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