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Pallet wrap calculator | Primepac
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Pallet wrap cost calculator

Fill out the form to find out if your costs are too high and if you need our team to analyse your pallet wrap processes further. We're here to help you save money.
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Tell us about your Current Pallet wrap

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How much pallet wrap are you using?

This requires some work but is an important step to calculate the true cost of your pallet wrap. Follow the steps below or watch this video for some guided help. 
  1. Wrap a pallet using your current wrap
  2. Cut off the wrap
  3. Scrunch the wrap into a ball
  4. Weigh the wrap using a sensitive scale
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Tell us about you

We will email your results.


Are you using the right pallet wrap for your needs?

Many businesses unknowingly overspend on pallet wrap, using the wrong type or applying it incorrectly. Primepac understands the importance of choosing the right pallet wrap solution to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Beyond roll costs

While Primepac offers competitive prices,  the initial cost is only part of the equation. 

Optimise your wrap selection

Opting for a more 'cheaper' pallet wrap may seem like a cost-saving measure. However, the stretch and performance of the wrap could lead to fewer pallets being wrapped per roll. Our interactive calculator will determine the average cost per pallet, where you can compare to industry averages. 

Uncover hidden costs

The true cost of pallet wrap waste can be staggering. Wasted time adjusting machinery or manually reinforcing inadequately wrapped pallets adds up over time, impacting your bottom line more than you might realise.

Introducing our pallet wrap calculator

Our new online calculator takes the guesswork out of pallet wrap costs. Simply input the relevant details - roll dimensions, weight, current price, and film weight per pallet - and we'll provide you with an accurate cost per pallet to help you make informed decisions. 

Industry average cost per pallet | Pallet wrap Primepac

Cut and weigh your pallet wrap

Learn how to cut and weigh your pallet wrap in our video. Input the weight into the pallet wrap calculator to find the true cost of your pallet wrap. 

Need guidance?

If you're unsure about how to optimise your pallet wrap costs or need assistance using our calculator, our team is here to help. Contact us for expert advice tailored to your specific needs.


Pallet wrap cost calculator