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How to recycle cardboard

Cardboard recycling

Cardboard can account for more than 50% of an organisation's waste. So that this doesn't end up in landfill, it's important to have a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of recycling in your business.

The good news is that cardboard is easily recyclable and can often have a second life as newspaper, tissues or cardboard trays. Kerbside recycling collection schemes and local collection points make it easier to ensure your cardboard products are correctly disposed of.

Find out more about cardboard recycling below.


Tips & Tricks for Recycling Cardboard

Producing paper from recycled materials results in 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution. Plus, every tonne of paper and cardboard recycled saves 13 trees, which shows what a difference you can make by choosing to recycle your cardboard waste. 

To recycle cardboard, remove any food waste or rubbish from the package. Ensure plastic tape on the box is also removed. Flatten the cardboard and place in the recycling bin. It's that easy!

Recycling cardboard diagram


where to recycle cardboard



Kerbside recycling programs make it easy to correctly dispose of your cardboard. Simply place your recycling in your approved bin and place it on the kerbside, on your allocated pick up date. 

Alternatively, many cities have local collection points that allow you to drop your cardboard waste, free of charge. Visit recycle.co.nz to find out more about where and how you can recycle cardboard in your local region. 

Kerbside recycling