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Plastic pallet wrap recycling

Plastic is a material that can confuse anyone when deciding just which type can be recycled. Because of this confusion many people simply opt to put their used plastic into the bin, which can cause headaches for local refuse stations and will end up having a big impact on our environment.

Many people are unaware that plastic pallet wrap can be recycled in many cities across New Zealand. There are also organisations that will partner with businesses who deal in large amounts of plastic pallet wrap, and will collect their pallet wrap waste to be recycled.

Find out more about plastic recycling below.

Plastic pallet wrap recycling in NZ

Plastic recycling codes

Items made from plastic are given a unique identification code between 1-7 so that you can tell which type of plastic material it’s made out of. Look underneath the plastic container of your next takeaway item and see what you find!

These codes are also very helpful for local councils as they're an easy way to educate and remind people around just which plastics they collect for recycling.

Featured below are definitions of each different plastic identification code.

Plastic recycling identification codes

Where to recycle pallet wrap

Ultiwrap pallet wrap is classed as a low density polyethylene (LDPE) and has a plastic identification code of 4. 

Some local councils no longer recycle plastics with this identification code due to less demand for this plastic (the same goes for plastics with an identification code of 3, 6 or 7). However, there are now separate initiatives set up that specifically collect LDPE or 'code 4' plastics.

Companies like The Packaging Forum and Soft Plastic Recycling work together to provide soft plastics collection stations throughout New Zealand (Countdown Supermarkets, The Warehouse etc).

You can find out more about this initiative by visiting the Soft Plastic Recycling website.

Soft Plastic Recycling   The Packaging Forum


Soft plastics LDPE 4 recycling in NZ