Use less wrap and save!

Ultiwrap is a sustainable alternative to traditional pallet wraps allowing you to wrap twice as many pallets, per roll.

Using less pallet wrap will not only save on costs, it's also much more environmentally friendly. Half as much pallet wrap used means half the amount going to landfills. To date, we've seen plastic waste reduce by 589,338 kgs – all from using Ultiwrap!

Other key features of Ultiwrap pallet wrap include:

  • Improved resin technology.
  • Increased film stretch, with increased load containment.
  • Better puncture resistance.
  • Multi-layer nano technology.
  • 100% recyclable.

Significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint – a no-brainer!

See how much you could save by switching to Utliwrap

Use 55% less wrap! Wrap twice as many pallets per roll for the same cost



Ultiwrap stretch handwrap

Ultiwrap stretch handwrap


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Ultiwrap machine wrap

Ultiwrap machine wrap


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Our tests consistently show that by using Ultiwrap, you will see pallet wrap savings of up to 55% – without risking pallet security!

The increased puncture resistance and multi-layer technology means that Ultiwrap can be stretched further and that you can wrap almost twice as many pallets, when compared to traditional wraps.

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