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Plant-based plastic wrap

We all know that we can no longer keep pushing carbon into the atmosphere. You want to do good and you have sustainability goals to hit. That is why we are starting a revolution in sustainable packaging.

We have secured the exclusive rights to supply the world's leading plant-based plastic wrap to New Zealand businesses.

Purewrap is made from sustainably-grown sugar cane and the process to make the raw material takes more carbon out of the atmosphere, than it produces. It is truly a seismic shift in the way we create plastic.

It can be recycled just like traditional plastic and the performance is identical to traditional plastic. We all need to do our part, and by using Purewrap, you can feel good about being one step closer to achieving your sustainability goals.

You don't need to spend the earth, to start saving the earth.

purewrap - plant-based plastic wrap


Purewrap features



Purewrap features


Carbon Calculator


Do you use a lot of plastic pallet wrap?

We've created this free calculator so you can see how much CO2 you're currently creating, and how much you could be removing from the atmosphere by switching to Purewrap.

Try it now and we'll email you the results!

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Carbon Emissions Calculator Your Plastic Consumption

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Find out your emissions:

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