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Grip Film Eco

Grip film eco self grippng stretch film


Recycled self-gripping film

Grip Film Eco, the perfect blend of sustainability and performance. This innovative film is a hybrid of our best-selling Grip Film, now with a remarkable 30% post-industrial recycled content.

Experience the difference with Grip Film Eco. Its self-gripping properties eliminate the need for extra securing, simplifying the wrapping process. Lightweight, user-friendly, and puncture-resistant, it provides excellent protection with reinforced edging and air-cushioned winding.

With our grip applicator, applying the film is a breeze. The low-tension application reduces operator fatigue and minimises accidents, ensuring safety. Save time and effort while preserving your shipments' integrity.

But it's not just about performance; it's about sustainability too. Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility, Grip Film Eco helps reduce your carbon footprint. With 30% recycled content and 100% recyclability, it can be repurposed, minimising waste.

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Save your back and the environment with Grip Film Eco. 


Grip film

Post Industrial Recycled Content

Features of Eco Grip Wrap


Post industrial recycled content


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