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Is custom packaging a sustainable option?

May 12, 2021

Is custom packaging a sustainable option?

Packaging – it’s an essential part of any e-commerce or online store. Without it, we couldn't easily ship anything without it suffering a great deal of damage. Items like cardboard cartons and boxes, protective packaging and even the humble roll of tape are all essential items that ensure our packages stay nice and secure on the way to their destination.

Advances in packaging technology and design innovation mean that we can now choose from more custom packaging options that are tailored to our specific needs. From different sizes and designs to packaging that is printed entirely with your brand, the options are almost endless when designing packaging that’s bespoke, and crafted for your requirements.

Custom packaging has many benefits, but what about the sustainability of this type of packaging? Will it help or hinder our environment? It is possible to create custom packaging that not only looks and performs how you want it to but is also sustainable and reduces waste. It’s about making smarter choices.

Read on to learn more about custom packaging and sustainability, and see why you may want to make the switch.

The importance of sustainability

The importance of sustainability

It’s no secret that sustainability is on many people’s minds – businesses big and small are looking at ways to lessen their impact on the environment and operate more sustainably. Eco-friendly packaging options like recyclable or compostable packaging which were once hard to find and in limited supply, are now available in abundance. It’s not just packaging companies that care about being more sustainable either but their customers too.

Research shows that at least 47% of New Zealanders say they care about sustainability when choosing a brand or product to purchase. 13% also said that choosing a brand that operates sustainably is the most important factor in their purchase decisions, behind quality and price. Operating sustainably was rated above convenience, and customer service.

The packaging is often the first thing your customers will experience if purchasing from you for the first time, especially if making an online purchase. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your purchase is not only presented well but sends the right message. Receiving a purchase that isn’t thoughtfully packaged or is wrapped in layers and layers of plastic may cause some customers to turn to other companies that can offer a more sustainable shopping experience.

Why choose sustainable custom packaging

There are many more reasons to choose sustainable custom packaging. Some of which we have outlined below.

Reduce packaging waste

Less is more when it comes to packaging in an age of sustainability and climate-conscious consumers. We can all agree that at some point in time we have received a package that has been wrapped in far too much protective plastic or bubble wrap or perhaps the box that it came in was far too big for the item it was transporting. This type of unnecessary waste will only add to already overflowing landfills and can be a big roadblock in operating more sustainably.

Opting for only the packaging that you need is an easy way to cut down your packaging waste, and also your costs. Custom cartons and boxes can be produced in almost any size you require nowadays giving you a packaging solution that is perfectly sized to send your items.

Digital printing

Traditional forms of printing like flexographic or lithographic printing often used aluminium plates to transfer colours to the required packaging materials. Each colour would get its own aluminium plate – the more colourful a design, the more plates that it would need. This type of printing could result in a lot of materials being needed to simply print one design and in turn a lot of printing waste.

Custom packaging that is printed nowadays uses digital printing – no more relying on costly and wasteful aluminium plates.

Lead by example

There are a number of Kiwi companies who are doing great things to play their part in creating a more sustainable environment for us all. Companies like Allbirds and ecostore have proven that you can still run a successful business, and be environmentally conscious. Both companies use only natural materials to develop their products and have taken it a step further by ensuring that their packaging follows the same ethos.

When you purchase a pair of Allbirds you will find that the box the shoes are delivered in is produced from 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard and can be used as not just a shoebox but a shopping bag, and a mailer. Ecostore on the other hand use only renewable, recyclable and refillable packaging for their products, while eliminating as much unnecessary packaging as possible.

Here at Primepac, we have a number of initiatives in place to ensure we’re doing our bit for sustainability. We recycle as many materials used as possible and we also encourage our customers to do the same by providing information about recycling services available in NZ. Our team works hard to ensure that our products are responsibly sourced. We look for and use suppliers with sustainable certifications.

Shop our sustainable custom packaging options

Primepac custom packaging options

As well as our sustainability initiatives, we also manufacture a number of sustainable custom packaging products.

Custom printed paper tape

Our custom printed paper tape is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic packaging tapes. It’s also an economical alternative to plastic stickers or labels. You can print on this tape the same way that you would with standard packaging tapes – another great way to promote your brand and message.

Get in touch with us to enquire about printed paper tape >

Custom printed labels

Custom printed labels can be an economical alternative to traditional pre-made labels. With custom labels you only order what you need which saves on potential waste. Compare our prices with other labels or stickers and you will also be impressed with the potential savings! Our custom printed labels are printed in-house on high quality PVC tape and perforated into labels of your chosen size.

Contact us here to enquire about printed labels >

If you have a custom packaging product in mind that isn’t listed above and you would like to see if this could be manufactured for your business, then we encourage you to contact our friendly team here.

For more information on the range of sustainable products that we stock, and to download the free product catalogue, you can visit our environmental page here.

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