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Primepac Blog

Is custom packaging a sustainable option?

Packaging – it’s an essential part of any e-commerce or online store. Without it, we couldn't easily ship anything without it suffering a great deal of damage. Items like cardboard cartons and boxes, protective packaging and even the humble roll of tape are all essential items that ensure our packages stay nice and secure on the way to their destination.

Packaging tips for small businesses

As many businesses make the shift online and look for even more creative ways to promote their business and their products, it’s important that you find a way to stand out. For smaller businesses, in particular, making sure that you delight your customers at every part of the purchase process so that they keep coming back is important. A key part of this process, and something that shouldn’t...

What you need to know about custom packaging

In a world where online shopping is the new normal, it’s often the most enticing products that stand out to shoppers. When there’s no physical store the responsibility falls elsewhere to delight and amaze the customer to keep them coming back. But what makes a product enticing, and the difference between adding to cart or simply leaving it behind? The packaging!

How custom packaging can give your brand a competitive edge

It's predicted that 83% of Kiwis will be shopping online by 2026. With this increase in online shopping comes increased competition, as consumers have easier access to a far wider range of options. So how can you increase your customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive landscape?

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