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Primepac Blog

Pallet Wrap Types and Uses

August 04, 2017

This video demonstrates the different types of pallet wraps and what they can be used for. There are many different types of wrap which are designed to cater to the various weights and shapes of your products.


Cast film - this is a great general purpose wrap, and is very clear to enable your barcodes to be read and scanned easily. Cast film has excellent stretch memory to keep pallets tight during transit.

Blown film - this is stronger than cast film, so is recommended for heavy or irregular shaped products. It can also be stretched up to 250%, making it extremely durable.

Security wrap - this wrap comes in black or white to conceal goods to help to deter theft. The white wrap also reflects sun to reduce temperature during transit.

Pre-stretch wrap - usually made from cast film, this wrap is pre-stretched in the factory, making the rolls lighter and easier to handle. It is ideal for light-weight pallets.

Net wrap - this wrap is great for wrapping produce or other products that need to breathe during transit. Due to the durable knit, the wrap stretches further meaning you can use less wrap and reduce costs.

Not sure which wrap you should be using, and how much wrap you should be using? You can request a free audit of your pallet wrap with the Primepac team by clicking here.

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