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Primepac Blog

Keep your fresh produce from spoiling during transit

If you regularly transport fresh produce you’ll know the importance of making sure it arrives at it’s destination in the same condition as when it left. Often external factors can get in the way and keeping produce fresh can be difficult if your shipment is collected late, or the delivery schedule is running behind.

Use sustainable pallet wrap and save

Traditional plastic pallet wrap has long been a staple for many businesses that regularly transport goods to different locations. Inexpensive and convenient, simply wrap it around your pallets and your goods will stay secure during transit. Like many other common packaging supplies however, businesses are now seeing the benefits in changing to more sustainable options that are not only better...

10 things you need to know about pallet wrap

Pallet wrap, which is also called stretch wrap, stretch film and less commonly as shrink wrap, is plastic packaging used to protect palletised items being transported and stored. Millions of miles of pallet wrap is used every year across the globe, but what is it and why is it so important?

How to use less pallet wrap without reducing containment force

Pallet wrap provides strength, protection and security for shipped goods. This perception is key when you begin to assess how it is used. After all, you'd think that using more pallet wrap on each shipment would mean more strength, more protection and more security. So it might surprise you that many businesses are actually wasting tens of thousands of dollars a year in waste from...

The benefits of bundling film

Bundling film is like a mini stretchwrap system which strongly binds your products together without sticking to them. But why is this so useful, and which applications does it suit best?

Pallet Wrap Types and Uses

This video demonstrates the different types of pallet wraps and what they can be used for. There are many different types of wrap which are designed to cater to the various weights and shapes of your products.

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