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Primepac Blog

Did you know that cellophane is biodegradable?

Recently, there has been a strong focus on replacing plastic packaging products with more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives in New Zealand. Disposable plastic shopping bags are long gone, and they’ve already been banned in many other countries too.

Keep your fresh produce from spoiling during transit

If you regularly transport fresh produce you’ll know the importance of making sure it arrives at it’s destination in the same condition as when it left. Often external factors can get in the way and keeping produce fresh can be difficult if your shipment is collected late, or the delivery schedule is running behind.

Use sustainable pallet wrap and save

Traditional plastic pallet wrap has long been a staple for many businesses that regularly transport goods to different locations. Inexpensive and convenient, simply wrap it around your pallets and your goods will stay secure during transit. Like many other common packaging supplies however, businesses are now seeing the benefits in changing to more sustainable options that are not only better...

Our most popular blogs of 2019

As we wrap up 2019 we thought we’d take a look back at our most popular blogs of the year. From blogs on plastic packaging and sustainability, to things you should know about pallet wrap, there were some clear favourites among our readers this year!

Read on to find out more and see what the most popular Primepac blogs of 2019 were!

Keep your produce chilled with Thermogard

If you’ve ever ordered a pre-packed meal kit like Hello Fresh or My Food Bag, you would’ve no doubt received some fresh produce in your order. To keep this produce chilled so it arrives at your door in top condition, gel ice packs like Thermogard are used to keep produce cool. Or perhaps you grow your own fresh produce and ship this around New Zealand? You may have been required to keep your...

FAQs on the NZ plastic bag ban

As a business owner, you may have heard of the plastic bag ban set to sweep across New Zealand in 2019. Some retailers have already made the move to ban single-use plastic bags, but for other businesses the transition may not seem so simple. It's important that you understand the rules of the new regulation before making changes, to ensure you are making the right changes.

What really is compostable plastic?

With the growing awareness and concerns of plastic pollution and the effects it has on our environment, more and more people are looking to alternative materials. One popular alternative for businesses is bioplastics, or compostable plastics. Compostable plastics can be used to replace single-use plastics for things like cutlery, plastic bags and even product packaging.

Why use plastic packaging for your food?

With more and more consumers and shops looking to use less plastic materials, they are also looking into alternative packaging methods. One supermarket in Amsterdam has even launched an entirely plastic free aisle. But while plastic free alternatives for food have their place, so too does plastic packaging itself. And it's important to consider how it can be used in your business.

Common types of plastic packaging

Plastic is a very cost effective packaging material for any business, and it's various forms are widely used across the globe. However some questions can be raised about the types of plastics that are commonly used for packaging; like their composition, usefulness and (all importantly) how they can be recycled.

Compostable bags vs degradable bags: what's the difference?

Plastics bags and our use of them has been under the spotlight recently and there's a growing awareness around their environmental impact. This is leading many consumers to adjust their perspective on the humble plastic bag.

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