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Is hot water best for hand washing?

It's an age-old question – is hot water on its own enough to kill germs and bacteria? In a time where COVID-19 is prevalent across the globe, it’s never been so important that we wash and clean our hands thoroughly so that we reduce the spread of the virus. But, is hot water enough for hand washing, and to get rid of potential germs and bacteria?

10 essential tools to keep your workplace hygienic [checklist]

We all know the feeling, someone comes into work with a cough or sneezes and the next thing you know half of the workplace has a cold. Workplaces can be a breeding ground for germs, sometimes making it difficult to avoid illness and with the rise of viruses like COVID-19 as well as flu season fast approaching, it’s now more important than ever that workplaces follow effective hygiene practices.

Box cutter safety in the workplace

Box cutters are a common tool used in many workplaces, and across different industries. Simple to use, they’re often used for things like packing and unpacking items or cutting through thicker materials like cardboard.While box cutters are an easy-to-use workplace accessory found in anything from an office to warehousing environments, we shouldn’t ignore that if used incorrectly they can...

Warehouse floor marking - keeping people safe in your warehouse

Floor markings - you see them in every warehouse and manufacturing facility. The implementation of floor markings allows employees and visitors to understand the use of a space and identify hazards that may be in the area, ultimately creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Cargo security measures to keep your goods safe during transit

Unfortunately, the risk of cargo theft is something that needs to be seriously considered when you’re shipping goods. The security of goods within shipping containers is a major issue, with cargo theft being a very real possibility during several stages of the transit process.

First aid kit must haves

It’s not something we like to think will happen, but sometimes accidents, injuries and sickness at work can't be avoided. As an employer you need to have measures in place to respond to these things, and having a well-equipped first aid kit is the perfect starting point.

5 reasons to take workplace hygiene seriously

There are many aspects of workplace safety and hygiene, and the level of hygiene needed will depend largely on the industry your workplace belongs to. While most workplaces will have processes and guidelines in place to keep employees safe and healthy at work, it's important that you and your team understand why these should be taken seriously.

Safety in the warehouse

Ensuring you are working in a safe environment benefits everyone - people feel comfortable being at work, tasks flow smoothly, and people can focus on their work without the risk of injury. While employees are obligated to take care in their working environment to reduce health and safety risks, supervisors are responsible for ensuring the appropriate safety measures and training are in place...

Selecting the right gloves for the job

Hands are a very important part of many jobs we perform everyday - either at work or home. While their usefulness is well known, their adequate protection can sometimes be overlooked. According to the ACC, workplace injuries to hands in 2017 has increased from those occurring in 2012 (these numbers exclude strain and repetitive motion injuries). 

Knife safety in the warehouse

When you're using either box cutters, retractable knives or pallet wrap cutters on a regular basis, it's important that staff are well aware of the measures they need to take to make their environment safe. Not only for them, but also for others. Their handling, storage and operation needs to be carefully considered. To help, we've created a list of things you should consider when using...

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