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Primepac Blog

A guide to the new ban on oxo-degradable plastics

The climate crisis continues to be a big concern across the globe with many countries taking action to cut their carbon footprint. The New Zealand government and the general public are working towards a cleaner, greener solution to our waste management. In 2019, the ban on single-use plastic bags was a resounding success and highlighted how important it is to reduce our waste and find...

Easy ways to switch from plastic to paper packaging

Reducing or eliminating the quantities of plastic your business uses doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the level of strength, durability, and protective capacity your packaging provides. It’s quite the contrary with numerous paper packaging alternatives being able to provide equal, if not better, protection than existing plastic packaging options.

Regulated product stewardship & what this means for plastic packaging

As part of the New Zealand government’s long-term plan to reduce the amount of rubbish heading to our landfills, or causing pollution to our environment, six products have been declared for regulated product stewardship, including plastic packaging. This declaration falls under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, and puts more responsibility on companies like manufacturers, to work towards more...

What are my sustainable packaging & posting options?

One of the big implications of COVID-19 has been the inability to go to your local shop and purchase what you need. And while here in New Zealand we’re starting to see things return to normal or a ‘new normal’ as we like to call it, many Kiwis have continued to purchase what they need online. Courier companies like NZ Post have seen huge influxes in the number of items being sent through the...

Single-use plastics – what are my alternatives?

Single-use plastics have long been a form of convenience for many, something that is cheap to produce, durable and available in abundance. However, the long-term effects of such convenience are becoming increasingly known. Less than a fifth of plastic is recycled globally which means that most of our discarded plastic ends up in the world’s oceans every year.   

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