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Primepac Blog

Which disposable gloves are best for me?

Disposable gloves are such a common and expected sight in many workplaces that they almost go unnoticed. Disposable gloves are an important health and safety tool in many industries across New Zealand, being used in environments such as food preparation, garages, domestic services, hygiene and healthcare. In essence, they're simply an effective barrier in material handling. Dive deeper and...

Essential PPE products for the workplace

Having access to personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace is now seen as essential for many businesses while we all work through the COVID-19 pandemic. Having quality PPE on hand ensures that we not only protect ourselves from germs and contaminants, but it also ensures that we don’t spread anything to people that we may deal with on a daily basis in the workplace, like our...

Essential hygiene protection for food preparation

If you're in the business of food preparation, you'll know how important it is that correct health and safety practices are followed. A big part of this comes down to wearing the right protective gear like gloves and caps, to make sure food isn't contaminated.

New Zealand Food Safety legal requirements are industry-specific and outlined on the MPI website.

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