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Primepac Blog

How to choose the right packaging tape

Choosing a packaging tape – it should be simple, right? Most businesses use packaging tape to seal cartons and boxes or to package items for shipping so it should be an easy choice. However, the range of packaging tapes on the market is vast and the range available only continues to grow with more companies entering the packaging space, and new tape innovations being developed.

Can packaging tape be recycled?

Common questions asked by many as they go to recycle their cardboard packaging boxes is what happens to the packaging tape? And can this be recycled? As more and more people move to a more sustainable way of living these types of questions around packaging are becoming more frequent. Given the option, many consumers would rather have their items arrive in packaging that can all be recycled,...

How to replace the element & the teflon tape on a heat sealer

Our HOW TO videos demonstrate some of our popular products and HOW TO use them.

This week Ben from Primepac will show you how to replace the element and teflon tape for an Impulse Heat Sealer. These sealers are low cost and great for packaging your products with a professional finish.

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