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Primepac Blog

How to choose the right packaging tape

Choosing a packaging tape – it should be simple, right? Most businesses use packaging tape to seal cartons and boxes or to package items for shipping so it should be an easy choice. However, the range of packaging tapes on the market is vast and the range available only continues to grow with more companies entering the packaging space, and new tape innovations being developed.

4 easy corporate gift packaging ideas

It's that time of year again where you're probably thinking about what to send your clients, co-workers, employees, and suppliers to thank them for a wonderful year of work. Chances are you've got a few gifts in mind, but there's the other challenge of wrapping them and making them look amazing – at an affordable price of course.

What are corrugated boxes and can they be recycled?

In a world packed with consumer goods, we are also spoiled for choice with the range of packaging materials available to us. Reusable, recyclable, compostable and more – we now have almost any type of packaging that we want or require, at our fingertips.

Improve E-Commerce packaging with these cool gadgets

Online shopping has been rising in popularity among Kiwis for years as access to technology has grown, and more shops open web stores. And with the implications of COVID-19 keeping many people indoors and instead heading online to get their shopping fix, online spending is reaching record heights. In 2020 alone New Zealand Post recorded that Kiwis spent $5.8 billion online – a total of 53...

Common packaging mistakes and how to avoid them

In a growing e-commerce world and with the rise of COVID-19, many companies have pivoted over the past year to become online retailers only. This change in the way we sell consumer goods has meant that many businesses have also had to embrace packaging for the very first time. With an abundance of different packaging items available and new packaging trends emerging all the time, it can be...

Packaging tips for small businesses

As many businesses make the shift online and look for even more creative ways to promote their business and their products, it’s important that you find a way to stand out. For smaller businesses, in particular, making sure that you delight your customers at every part of the purchase process so that they keep coming back is important. A key part of this process, and something that shouldn’t...

Top tips for choosing a freight company

If you need to send items by freight or courier then you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing the right freight company, that’s going to deliver your product and packages to the highest standards. There’s nothing worse than sending away your hard work on pallets or parcels, only for them to be damaged or lost during transit!

Types of kraft paper and their uses

While kraft paper has traditionally been used for crafts, school projects and even wrapping food, it’s becoming a more common fixture in the packaging world. A thick brown paper that’s also very sturdy, many businesses are now seeing the benefits of using kraft paper for packaging.

How shipping and damaged goods impact the environment

Online stores allow us to easily buy and sell goods at our own convenience. This level of accessibility is a popular option for many, especially in current times where COVID-19 is keeping people at home and ‘inside their bubbles’. Not only is shopping online easier, but it’s also a safer option for people in many parts of the world who would rather stay safe at home, than risk shopping in a...

Sustainable gift wrapping ideas

It’s no secret that part of the joy of Christmas morning is tearing the wrapping paper off of your presents. Many of us can admit that we also love a well-wrapped gift! But what about the waste that results from giving or receiving a gift during Christmas time?Every year, New Zealanders send around 2.5 million tonnes of waste to landfills – this works out to be over a tonne of rubbish per...

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