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Primepac Blog

Box cutter safety in the workplace

Box cutters are a common tool used in many workplaces, and across different industries. Simple to use, they’re often used for things like packing and unpacking items or cutting through thicker materials like cardboard.While box cutters are an easy-to-use workplace accessory found in anything from an office to warehousing environments, we shouldn’t ignore that if used incorrectly they can...

How to recycle Eco Bubble Wrap

If you order our Eco Bubble Wrap, you may be wondering – how do I recycle this? Different regions have different rules for recycling, most of which are governed by local council. However, there are a number of companies coming on board now that offer recycling options for soft plastics, on a commercial scale. In this blog, we outline some of the different options available for businesses and...

What’s the best void fill option?

As you’re sure to know, void fill is the padding, cushioning or paper that is added to a container to fill empty space and further protect items. It serves a couple of important purposes – it protects your goods in transit and it can also compliment the presentation of your product or brand message.

How to protect your goods during transit

With more and more consumers ordering products online and increasing competition from other brands, many companies are looking for ways to speed up their delivery times and save costs on packaging to reduce their costs to consumers. When this is done successfully, it results in a great experience for both consumer and company. However it is very easy to cut corners, particularly with packaging...

Safety in the warehouse

Ensuring you are working in a safe environment benefits everyone - people feel comfortable being at work, tasks flow smoothly, and people can focus on their work without the risk of injury. While employees are obligated to take care in their working environment to reduce health and safety risks, supervisors are responsible for ensuring the appropriate safety measures and training are in place...

The benefits of bundling film

Bundling film is like a mini stretchwrap system which strongly binds your products together without sticking to them. But why is this so useful, and which applications does it suit best?

Tough gloves for tricky environments

Lots of people only think about gloves when it's a bit chilly outside. In this article we'll highlight some of the unknown benefits of using gloves in the workplace, and the jobs that could really benefit from a great pair of reliable gloves.

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